Net Worth End of Year Update

2021 Summary This was my first full year of tracking my Net Worth. I started tracking it when I first bought my house, which was in July 2020. While covid-19 sucked for me personally, I was lucky enough that it actually really fast tracked my finances- which is more lucky than most. Thanks to myContinue reading “Net Worth End of Year Update”

What is Your Net Worth?

So what is Net Worth? Your net worth is all of your assets combined, minus your liabilities. Assets include your home, savings, investments, car, possessions, and super. Liabilities include your mortgage, HECS/HELP debt, car loan, personal loans, credit card loans and buy now pay later loans (BNPL). Example: Assets ($) Liabilities ($) House 500,000 MortgageContinue reading “What is Your Net Worth?”