Step by Step Guide to Investing

First Step to Investing is Choosing a Broker A broker is where you place all your trades! They are basically the middle man, and while it used to be a man (or maybe woman but probably not), brokers are now all online platforms where you can place trades at any time of the day. TheyContinue reading “Step by Step Guide to Investing”

Things to Look For When Choosing an ETF

An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is a great way to get instant diversification with just one trade, and is perfect for the passive, long term investor. ETF’s have only continued to become more and more popular, and for that reason the number of ETF’s have grown considerably. There are ETF’s for whole markets (AU, US,Continue reading “Things to Look For When Choosing an ETF”

The Most Important Investment

The most important investment you can make, is in yourself. Educating, up skilling and doing anything else to increase your earning power is really what is going to make the difference when it comes to building wealth. Cutting expenses and saving is only going to get you so far, and while it is important, growingContinue reading “The Most Important Investment”

Net Worth End of Year Update

2021 Summary This was my first full year of tracking my Net Worth. I started tracking it when I first bought my house, which was in July 2020. While covid-19 sucked for me personally, I was lucky enough that it actually really fast tracked my finances- which is more lucky than most. Thanks to myContinue reading “Net Worth End of Year Update”


Yawn. (kidding.. kind of) It is important, our super. We aren’t taught about it in school, and even when we enter into the work force, it really isn’t explained. If we never learn to take an interest in it, we could really be sacrificing a comfortable retirement. So while it isn’t the most exciting topic,Continue reading “Superannuation”