Top 5 Finance Podcasts

Read on for my opinion on the top 5 finance podcasts! My Millennial Money My Millennial Money is one of my favourite podcasts. They cover all things money, including saving, budgeting, investing, property and everything in between. They also have many other podcasts under the same banner including My Millennial Property, MM Business, MMM Express,Continue reading “Top 5 Finance Podcasts”

Ways to Help the Environment and Your Wallet!

We can all do our part in helping the environment, and why not also save a bit of money along the way? Below are some of my tips as well as some tips from the community about how to do both! Eat Less Meat! Quite an obvious one. A diet incorporating meat will often beContinue reading “Ways to Help the Environment and Your Wallet!”

Getting Rich Slow is better than Getting Rich Quick

If you ever see a post or advertisement telling you they can help you get rich quick: RUN THE OTHER WAY! Getting rich should be a slow process, and requires good money habits and dedication. There is a good reason why many lottery winners lose their fortune quickly, they don’t understand how to manage theirContinue reading “Getting Rich Slow is better than Getting Rich Quick”