Making the Most of a Low Income

Earning less than $40,000? Read on for some tips that will hopefully help you in controlling your finances. Be Smart With Your Money Track your spending Learning how much you spend will make you more conscious of where your money is going and how you can cut down on some expenses. Pay your bills inContinue reading “Making the Most of a Low Income”


Yawn. (kidding.. kind of) It is important, our super. We aren’t taught about it in school, and even when we enter into the work force, it really isn’t explained. If we never learn to take an interest in it, we could really be sacrificing a comfortable retirement. So while it isn’t the most exciting topic,Continue reading “Superannuation”

Spending In Line With Your Values

When it comes to saving money, I don’t think saving as much as possible at the detriment of everything else is the right answer. What I believe is more important, is saving money on areas you don’t value in order to spend your money on things you do value. So…. What do you Value? HaveContinue reading “Spending In Line With Your Values”