Step by Step Guide to Investing

First Step to Investing is Choosing a Broker A broker is where you place all your trades! They are basically the middle man, and while it used to be a man (or maybe woman but probably not), brokers are now all online platforms where you can place trades at any time of the day. TheyContinue reading “Step by Step Guide to Investing”

Things to Look For When Choosing an ETF

An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is a great way to get instant diversification with just one trade, and is perfect for the passive, long term investor. ETF’s have only continued to become more and more popular, and for that reason the number of ETF’s have grown considerably. There are ETF’s for whole markets (AU, US,Continue reading “Things to Look For When Choosing an ETF”

Core and Satellite Investing Approach

Today I want to talk about the investing approach I use. It’s most commonly known as the core and satellite approach, and is probably one of the most common strategies used. In this strategy, you will have two parts of your portfolio. The first part is your core component of your portfolio. This should makeContinue reading “Core and Satellite Investing Approach”