Core and Satellite Investing Approach

Today I want to talk about the investing approach I use. It’s most commonly known as the core and satellite approach, and is probably one of the most common strategies used. In this strategy, you will have two parts of your portfolio. The first part is your core component of your portfolio. This should makeContinue reading “Core and Satellite Investing Approach”

Exchange Traded Funds

On this post we are talking all things ETFs! These are my favourite investment and make up most of my portfolio. They are super easy to invest and manage, it becomes a very set and forget, passive investment that still provides great returns! I’ve been investing in these funds for a few years now andContinue reading “Exchange Traded Funds”

The Australian Share Market

The share market based in Australia is called the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and comprises of over 2,200 individually listed companies. These companies are divided into the following 11 sectors: Energy Materials Industrials Consumer Discretionary Consumer Staples Health Care Financials Information Technology Communication Services Utilities These can be broken down even further into industry groups,Continue reading “The Australian Share Market”

Battle of the Micro Investing Apps

What is Micro-investing? Micro-investing is a great way to get started if you want a simple and easy way to invest. In micro-investing apps you can invest as little as $5 at a time and is at a very basic level so is easy to understand when you are first learning to invest. Most micro-investingContinue reading “Battle of the Micro Investing Apps”