Top 5 Finance Podcasts

Read on for my opinion on the top 5 finance podcasts!

My Millennial Money

My Millennial Money is one of my favourite podcasts. They cover all things money, including saving, budgeting, investing, property and everything in between. They also have many other podcasts under the same banner including My Millennial Property, MM Business, MMM Express, MM Career & MM Health.

Equity Mates

Equity Mates is another one of my favourites, and was actually the podcast that got me starting to invest. In their early days, they provided some really good insights into how to get started, how to understand the jargon you might see, and some other insights great for newbies! These days, they are chatting to some really great investors and intelligent people on the podcast and I find I learn something new each time I listen. They follow a similar philosophy to mine when it comes to investing, however they do often discuss individual stocks on the podcast. While I don’t invest in many individual stocks myself, it is a very interesting listen to hear how they are valuing companies and making decisions to buy or not!

Get Started Investing

Get Started Investing is a relatively new podcast made by the same guys at Equity Mates. It is targeted for beginners, and I wish it had been around when I started. I have had a listen to a few of the episodes and they break down share investing so well and believe this would be a great way for new people interested to learn more!

She’s on the Money

She’s on the Money is another great finance podcast that is aimed specifically for women. It is kept pretty simple so if you have no idea where to start, this could be just the place. It is a fun podcast to listen to while also being empowering and inspirational. They have a few episodes a week so there is plenty of content there for you each week.

Financial Autonomy

Financial Autonomy is another great podcast, and is run by Paul Benson who is a financial advisor. He believes the best way to build wealth or become financially independent is to invest in shares, property or own a business. He breaks this down further in his podcasts, as well as interviewing people who have started this journey to financial independence.

Other Notable Mentions

The Australian Finance Podcast

Great for beginners, breaks down investing in a really simple way!

The Property Couch

A great podcast focussed solely on property investing. I found it very insightful when looking for a property myself.

Aussie Firebug

All about the hosts journey to FIRE (financial independence retire early). If you wan’t to retire before 65 and need some inspiration, this is the place.

Motley Fool Money

Focused purely on the share market and how the current climate is affecting it. Another point of view that makes for an interesting listen.


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